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Cantina Margarita

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Good morning everybody,

I see many of you are digging in their memories to find SMiLEy or at least 1967y pschychedelic stuff, and the examples you posted are actually very interesting. And, by the way, it's also very instructing in a linguistic way: "trippy" (C) Peter S., is something I never read or heard before. From now on, that will make me add a "y" to anything I want to make an adjective of, like I did above. That might appear very Germanyy to you, but please don't mind.

Klaatu! That was the name of that mysterious group from the mid 70s which was reported to be the reunited Beatles. I haven't been able to remember throughout the decades, and again I'm glad to be a part of a "think tank" like BOTB.

Nothing to do with SMiLE, but here are two very Beeatlesy and acidy songs from different decades and different artists. #2 I usually call "The enhanced Walrus Of The 80s".

(in case you wear them, please put off your glasses for a moment. Just listen)

Isn't that Klaatu's sun ?

After work this evening, I think I'll count the preliminary score for the first time. And there are 2 songs left to advertise.
t bedford

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Not the Offizielles Video (er, not seen above), but this one plays audio in the USA:

"Gort, Klaatu barada nikto..."

Here's (maybe) where Brian Wilson first heard a theremin. This is certainly trippy for 1951, from the soundtrack to "The Day the Earth Stood Still", score composed by Bernard Herrmann.

BTW, another vote for Eeyore (and his Gloomy Place). Here's a map, also detailing "where the woozle wasn't".

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Verden McCutcheon

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    Season 7 Week 21....Four non-lovesongs for us to Smile

         1)Brian Wilson.............By the tiniest of margins

        2)Macca and Wings......Nice send of for the old painter

       3)Abba............Not one of their best

       4)Winnie the pooh.......Not my cuppa !Had to shut it down early

                                                          Votes are in CM
paul g adsett

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well, thought i,
what if y'take songs from another's repertoire
and make 'em allude to bw's oeuvre in their particular stylee...?
why not pick an artist i've admired throughout his career.
yes, step up mr john lydon and his band p.i.l.
not psychedelia, more punk-pantomime-art-rock.
and, if anything, the antithesis of the beauty of bw's work.
they've played some blinding music and some unforgettable live performances.
not least:
- we were fortunate to get tkts to their new york gig at the ritz may '81
as we were visitng nyc and saw they were playing.
it's the gig they played behind a screen,
with deep shadowy figures of the band up on screen, never apearing out front,
with johnny taunting the audience to the point where seats were thrown off the balcony
and a riot ensued, with the show stopped after20 odd minutes of fracas.
an excellent piece of wind up performance art!

- then, when i took my baby bruv, george, along to their first uk gig in several years
in a club in brightonnov '83.
ashley refused to come along, after the previous debacle..
so, there we were by the merch. stall and it was rushed by three heavy-looking chaps,
hassling the guy behind the table,
intent on trashing it and stealing albums/ t shirts, whatever.
being a stalwart with a good sense of justice, what did i do?
well, i stepped in, did i not?
politely, i suggested that they back off and not cause trouble.
(not exactly the batman, vigilante stylee).
did they?
well, not exactly...
one of 'em took a swing at me,
and socked my bruv right in the eye
this surprised everyone, not least george,
who was intent on getting right away from any ruckus.
our refusal to retaliate in any way caused consternation amongst the malfeasants
and, meekly, they then backed off and the goodies were saved, unlooted.
but, did the stall holder reward us in any way?
nope - not a thankyou even!
and i got the sharp end of ashley's tongue for my effort and bruv's injury
- he thought i was some kind of perverted hero!
bloomin' great live show though.
but i digress...
i'm not about to reproduce 'smile'
(though my original idea was to illustrate the different sections of that album
and it was feasible).
looking through the numbers,
however, what about some parallels with 'pet sounds' ?
teen angst?
who'd think johnny rotten capable of suchlike?
but, here goes:
- ah, wouldn't it be nice, but...
'drive to the forest in a japanese car,
the smell of rubber on country tar.
hindsight done me no good...
the cassette played poptones.
i can't forget the impression you made
- you left a hole in the back of my head...'
'tie me to the length of that'
- a pet memory?
'when i was born the doctor didn't like me.
he grabbed me by the ankles,
held me like a turkey.
dear mummy,
why'd you let him hit me?
this was wrong
- i knew you didn't love me!' 
'the flowers of romance'
- a song of not fitting in,
one's own changeable emotions
and thwarted tender advances:
'now in the summer
i could be happy or in distress
depending on the company...
we're in a mess,
whatever i intended
i sent you flowers
- you wanted chocolate instead.
i can't depend on these so called friends...
start all over again''
- it's really not going to work out, is it?
you may still believe in me, but...
'getting rid of the albatross,
sowing the seeds of discontent, 
i know you very well - you are unbearable...'
'this is not a love song'
- a scathing, cynical view of making good /  'free enterprise''
'happy to have and not have not'
could also fit back the other way,
into the context of an ambivalent human relationship,
love is here today, but on my terms...:
- you know there's... or is there?
'think you know the answer?
think you got all the problems?
well, why not try and solve them
instead of sitting on them?'
'death disco'
- love seeps away:
'seeing in your eyes
words can never say the way...
silence in your eyes,
never really know
until it's gone away...
words cannot express...'
- and, to end the album,
how about a song that is alludes to travel,
with an irish fond farewell to someone
('may the road rise with you')...

here's some examples of p.i.l. in various incarnations over the decades:

Al Forsyth

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I had the chance to see/hear the Denny Laine version of BOTR a few years back when he was using the Peter Asher Band (who were incredible btw).  I wanted to support BOTH BOTR and TLOS as amazing concept albums, I thought Band On The ... the best Beatle representation for a post Beatles period of time by an ex-Beatle even more than All Things Must Pass, which was also brilliant.  I LOVE the ways and techniques that Paul interwove parts of other songs into this Picasso's Last Words and at the same time celebrated a BRILLIANT artiste!  In essence this song and BOTR made this album more of a conceptual album.  I feel the same way about the Van Dyke Parks vignettes on TLOS.

I think that I saw the Band On The Run performance in 2014 but here is PLW from 2015 in Cleveland (with opening explanation)

TLOS - spoken word:

We all have to get back to our own Pooh Corner sometimes:

Put in your own ABBA - they were pop in the 70's!

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
bonnie bella

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t, where does Tigger live?   Surely not in the woods?  And "Rabbits friends and relations" are taking over in their usual prolific fashion.  They all need popping off.

After my last post, I went on a musical journey of ABBA and found a song I liked, with a standout performance from Frida, who looks incredibly hot.  In fact, she's on fire!   And for once, I love their costumes.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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bonnie -- Frida seems to have eaten her Wheaties that morning.

Way back in '67/'68:

Donovan, "Isle of Islay", A Gift from a ... (well, you had to be there)

Van Dyke Parks, "The Attic", Song Cycle

t bedford

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t, where does Tigger live?   Surely not in the woods?

According to Wikipedia: Tigger lives with Kanga and Roo in their house in the part of the Hundred Acre Wood near the Sandy Pit.

Is it just me. or has BotB totally ignored the gigantic, dare I say legendary, talent of teen idol Mr. Fabiano Forte, bka Fabian. His biggest hit, "Tiger" peaked at #3 during the summer of 1959:

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Fabian was a timid tiger. 

Caesare was the real deal and my hero. 

t bedford

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Darren, don't encourage me.....Caesare and Fabian share a fictional/real manager! But how many top 10's has your man achieved? This went #9 in the Spring of 1959:

And another man on the same management roster, very early in his career, daring to appear without the use of a net[wink]!

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Cindy Hood

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Never heard any of these before, so what a challenge!

Here are my votes:

GOLD:  Brian Wilson. The happiest sounding song of the bunch by far.

SILVER:  Paul McCartney and Wings. Pleasant melody - very Beatle-ish. 

BRONZE:  Winnie the Pooh.  Now, we're getting into the manic phase.  

TIN/PEWTER:  Abba.  Very frenzied.  Could've done without the last two.

My final answer.

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
t bedford

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Kinky psychedelia:

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Popeye (not the sailor)

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My smiling votes:

Gold: Oxygen to the Brain - Brian Wilson

Silver: Picasso's Last Words - Paul McCartney

Bronze: I'm a Marionette - ABBA

Tin: Heffalumps and Woozles - Pooh

Surf's Up!
Cantina Margarita

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I haven't quite got what you voted for - was it

1. Pille Palle Blues
2. Row row row your boat
3. Drive drive drive my car ... plonk plonk plonk plonk plonk
4. Two Minutes Silence

... right ?

Fascinating links for me because I consider myself a converted post-punk. I prefer these guys:

That was why I studied covering songs on a midi sequencing base .. because the rest of the philistines didn't like to play it.
GREAT album The Modern Dance by the way. With lots of synthetic pet sounds.

manic ? I feel kind of complimented. But I'm quite serious, that h+w song is great for me, despite cheesy production. A pity Brian hasn't done it for his Disney album.

@bonnie bella:
You don't know how proud I am to see you present a local act from the neighbourhood here. I live in the woods east of Duesseldorf, Kraftwerk's home, only a bit up the hills along the Autobahn A46, way down to Dortmund and then turn right A45. It's unbelievable they even made the grammy. The Autobahn album from 1974 is really worth listening to, the best one imo is at the very end, Kometenmelodie 2.

Here's the preliminary score (lowest pointage is best here):


Larry Franz

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Two from Animal Collective

"My Girls", Merriweather Post Pavilion, 2009

"Prospect Hummer", Prospect Hummer EP, 2005 

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