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Cantina Margarita

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Ok, seems to be time to throw in my votes now.

First of all: I like all 4 songs extremely, otherwise I wouldn't have featured them. It hurts not to give #1 to all of them.

-taking a deep breath-

1. Oxygen To The Brain
... a true humourous masterpiece on a superb album having many humourous moments, as well as very sad and tragic numbers. In a perfect symbiosis with the VDP narrative "Pumps drunk with oil ..." which is weird, confusing, absurd, maybe even scary, and featuring the same detuned oboe we also find on H&W. Oxygen itself seems to be a highly satiric glimpse at Brian's every day life under Landy's dictatorship, as far as I have understood. That ramming rhythm in a song about brain issues with the whole choir belting out "Oxygen, Oxygen, right to the braaaaaaain, ...I'm filling up my lungs again" could as well be taken from Monty Python's "The Life Of Brian" which also deals with an inappropriate subject to make jokes upon. There are several songs from several people poking fun at BW, but this one is the most impertinent and therefore far best of them all. Of course, this also means praising the lyricist for adding something to Brian's music which it never had before.

2. Heffalumps and Woozles
A tiny masterpiece of early psychedelic music. The German version succeeds in providing a very annoying and awkward atmosphere, only second to the pool scene in Love&Mercy in which VDP is being dismissed, constantly saying "hey Pooh, listen, watch out, they're everywhere, they will bug you, they know all tricks, they will make you wet, watch out, beware, listen, caution ..." and so on. I like it much better than the original track which seems to come along in a much tamer way. Apart from great video artwork, playful instrumentation and catchy melodies, I consider it a very good effort to illustrate voices in someones's head. A pity they didn't take their time for producing it on a higher level.

3. I'm A Marionette
I have huge respect for the orchestral approach of Andersson/Ulvaeus in producing catchy pop music, which ended up in creating hits like "One Night In Bangkok", and in musical writers picking their songs for a theatre play. I like the way the song builds up in layers, starting with a minimalist bass riff, and ending in a boombastic final. And I'm also into the lyrics dealing with a pop star's psychological issues. And I feel reminded of "Good Vibrations" during the central guitar solo.

4. Picasso's Last Words
Another very impertinent and satiric song, dealing with a polarizing painter who just had passed when the song was written, obviously giving a theme to it. Not a masterpiece in a musical way (at least not for McCartney who is known for being able to create much more ambitioned songs), but cocky in letting a drunk choir chant a requiem. Back in the day, the song urged me to collect some knowledge about Picasso. The accordion part with the french (?) speech is suitable for meditation efforts.

Here's my preliminary score (please check if your votes have been recorded correctly):
... this time in the usual 1 to 4 points order.

I'll try to close week 21 with a final calculation on Mon Jul 18, around lunchtime (Berlin time zone). In case you haven't voted yet, this is the "urgent call".

paul g adsett

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'and now, if you please, we’re about to begin
the scene is all set for our star to come in...'*

oh, crikey,
not an easy week.
they all went up and down my chart
- it bears listening / pondering to all of 'em over the week,
rather than go for the gut, not guttermost (sic), feelings.
and so, mr wilson finds himself in last place!

'but i have a talent, a wonderful thing
’cause everyone listens when i start to sing.
i’m so grateful and proud
all i want is to sing it out loud,
so i say...'*

tin: 'oxygen to the brian'
- er, (sic) spellign mistake.
 'how could i have got so low,
i'm embarrassed to tell you
a touch too post hoc (sic as y'like) cynical a number
that doesn't have the biographical immediacy,
nor the poeticism of, say,
'i guess i just wasn't...'.
much as i really, really like the it genuinely pains,
or is it 'pians' (sicissimus) me to place this so low,
but it's a hard, hard week...

'from concert to concert
from town to town
as though her whole world was spinning
she got what she wanted, and yet
she feels like a marionette!'*

bronze: 'heffalumps and woozles'
- i've seeked (sic)  hephalump tracks around galleon's leap (sic),
really gill's lap in the 100 acre wood in the enchanted forest (sic)
that is really ashdown forest in our county of sussex
(around 25 miles up from sunny brighton)
and really played poohsticks on that bridge.
but, much as i like winnie the pooh,
this is too, too disneyfied
even with its too, too cynical psychedilificationness (sic).
did i ever tell you of (name dropping alert) once meeting
the real christopher robin
(honest) right there?
one of life's deep joys!

'fulfilling her contracts whatever they are
the contract’s her manager signed.
it happens more often,
she wakes up at night
screaming, screaming...
riddled by nightmares she turns on the light,
frightened by what she was dreaming.
disillusioned and lonely
she feels like a clown...'*

:'i'm a marionette'
- 'and i’m like a doll
like a puppet with no will at all
and somebody taught me how to walk
how to talk, how to fall...'*
ah, the swedes!
quite apart from (or despite) winning the eurovision song contest
right here in sunny brighton,
those abba boys'n'girls wrote some good, good stuff.
i would love to give this a gold,
and, if you'd included the whole 'the girl with the golden hair' trilogy
(no, not one of the swedish '...dragon tattoo' novel trilogy
which are well worth reading + the movies worth seeing)
with 'thank you for the music'  and 'i wonder (departure)'
immediately before it
- read the lyrics (*) around here and listen to the piece,
i'd've given it gold.

gold: 'picasso's last words'
almost a pain me to place this in this spot?
after all, it's macca  (sic) innit?
easy to slag off.
because i really like it, that's why,
though it's an unlikely subject for anyone,
let alone a ex-beatle
but, it works.
because it's on 'band on the run'
because it's one of the best eulogy-style songs ever...

'but now on departing
uncertainty is starting,
she's feeling a little bit down...'

good stuff.
good stuff, indeed
(though i doubt you intended the connections
(sic sic sic?) with a certain chap highly regarded here)
may i join you for a pint (or several margueritas)
to keep the spirits high in the cantina
for a right old knees-up?
'i’m nothing special
in fact i'm a bit of a bore...'*

*all from the 'mini-musical' (sic)
'the girl with the golden hair'
by abba

bonnie bella

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Cartoon characters only got weirder too.  Meet the disturbingly strange Catdog, which is a stupid name for what is obviously a Dogcat.  The only thing I can imagine this creature wearing is a scarf.



Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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Don't wait for me... if I have time, I'll vote.

I've gotta stop leaving it until Mondays(!)
Darren J. Ray

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Yes, you do! [rolleyes]
Cantina Margarita

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Hey D.A.N,

if we wait for you just a little bit more (say 3 more hours) - what feeling will be stronger on you ? Please check options below with an "X":

(  ) the urge to give my votes
(  ) the honour of being waited for

Hey Tom,

of course I won't mind if you start your week right now, before this one is closed. Sometimes our leisure time is limited.

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(X) sleep

no, my votes will be here presently (which can mean either now or soon!)


GOLD Brian
TIN Heffalumps.  Now I know what my brother was talking about years ago.  They were onto something (drugs, perhaps?)

Cantina Margarita

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Originally Posted by D.A.N
Heffalumps.  Now I know what my brother was talking about years ago.  They were onto something (drugs, perhaps?)

WHO said that ?

OK folks, D.A.N has been collected, thanks. 15 minutes to go, then let's press the F9 key and call it a week.
Cantina Margarita

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Here's the final score of our stoned week. Oxygen to the CPU, recalculate, and here we go:

Brian, taking the p*ss out of himself. Great art from a great album, always looking on the bright side of life. Highest respect to someone who is able to do something like that.

Macca, drinking to the the old master painter from a far away hill.

Heffalumps und Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusel
Another Disney album, Brian, please, and please add this one, and don't forget all the other suggestions here.

Marionette, though people don't quite buy a teenybopper band changing into serious artists. Some do, and they gave it high pointage.

Thanks to all who joined my silly game, and thanks for all the inspiring videos. Like after a birthday party, it will take me weeks to unwrap them all. I don't know if I have enough room to place them all in a prominent shelf, in order not to put off any of my guests next time. It was great fun for me.

Here's the scoreboard, as far as I'm concerned:


Week closed, discussions may last a bit. But please don't neglect Tom's week #22.
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Cantina. 

And well hosted after nearly four years' hiatus. 

You had 23 voters, the most for any week so far this season, and the most since Al Forsyth's Week 33 last season, also with 23. 

The last time we had more voters was back in Week 9 of last year (Verden McCutcheon) with 24. 

Those scores are in the book, marked 'Season VII', which currently sits on page 2 of this forum.

'Oxygen to the Brain' is the sixth track from That Lucky Old Sun to be selected in the Battle. 

The record: 

Southern California (a Gold in Week 31 of Season I - Tom Tobben), 
Midnight's Another Day (a Silver in Week 41 of Season I - Deborah O'Neill), 
Mexican Girl / Cinco de Mayo (a Gold in Week 38 of Season II - Cantina Margarita), 
I'm into Something Good (a Bronze in Week 27 of Season V - Deb#1), 
Just Like Me and You (a Silver in Week 39 of Season V - Larry Franz), 
Oxygen to the Brain (a Gold in Week 21 of Season VII - Cantina Margarita)

'Picasso's Last Words' is the third Wings track to be used. 

Their record: 

Let Me Roll It (live) (a Bronze in Week 45 of Season I - Cynthia D. Hood),
Let 'Em In (a Tin in Week 10 of Season VII - Deb#1),
Picasso's Last Words (a Silver in Week 21 of Season VII - Cantina Margarita)

Paul's solo entries have been: 

Singalong Junk (a Silver in Week 40 of Season I - Teenage Symphony), 
My Valentine (a Tin in Week 4 of Season III - Deb#1), 
Did We Meet Somewhere Before? (a Gold in Week 19 of Season VI - brent mcmullen), 
Don't Get Around Much Anymore (a Bronze in Week 19 of Season VII - t Bedford)

He also featured on 'FourFiveSeconds' (Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney) (a Bronze in Week 4 of Season VI - Al Forsyth).

'I'm a Marionette' is only the second ABBA track to be used.

'I Have a Dream' won a Bronze in Week 45 of Season IV (Roy Rogers) and finished 7th in the Bronze Play-Off. 

Both 'Oxygen to the Brain' and 'Picasso's Last Words' scored the highest points for their medals so far this season, although their percentages weren't extraordinary.

It's likely they will both feature later this year in the play-offs.


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