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David W

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Re my mention of the death of Chas Hodges of Chas and Dave , it's taken his demise to find out that Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock (plus their drummer) were original members of Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers in the 60s

Chas gets a brief glimpse 1.45secs in , in this video wearing a snazzy check jacket , barely recognisable without his fuzzy beard and wild hair . 


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Gold: Down Under
Silver: Down Among Dead Men
Bronze: Down Down
Tin: Shut Down

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Ok I spotted him!  Cliff sounded great ... but not exactly in the '60s pop idol/sex image mould was he?  


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Hey ... I better vote. Bit silly if the host forgot. Apologies that I haven't checked out all the 'down' songs that people posted via Youtube clips.  Well I'm not exactly sorry ... I thought the idea was a 'host' posted 4 songs and then people commented and voted.  I was 'warned' that if you post a 'theme' this is what you can expect.  I noted a few 'down' songs which I loved but didn't view.  However if you are the next 'host' I will view your contributions.

Gold:  Down Under - Men At Work.  Sick of it ... but based on the 'best song' I have to place it No 1. 
Silver: Down Down - Status Quo.  'Live' this is so much better.  Not sure how it would sound nowadays without Rick Parfitt.  Us Aussies love the Quo.
Bronze: Down Among The Dead Men - Flash & The Pan. Vanda-Young wrote some great songs. Obviously George wasn't the greatest singer ... but this style suited the song. 
Tin: Shut Down.  Oh dear ... I'll lose a few friends but I can't place this ahead of the other three.
Darren J. Ray

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Hi Larry,

Well, I promised I’d get back to you tonight and I’m a man of my word.

The weekend so far has seen my car towed on two separate occasions, three shows, a lot of driving and not much sleep.

I’ve also been working off this borrowed Dell computer, made in about 1995 with 2GB of RAM, since late June when my own computer decided to go to God.

This computer is Hourglass City, so I’ll give this my best shot. (It took me several hours of my Sunday night to answer this to the best of my ability. Copying, pasting and editing it onto this site took an additional hour. And my Battle work for the night is not over yet.)

I really hope it’s of benefit to you and will hopefully not come across as condescending to you.

And my genuine apologies to all those who couldn’t give a rat’s tossbag about any of this. Please go to the next post!

Darren -- You should take a few moments to explain to the rest of us how this enterprise should proceed.

I would’ve thought the majority here know how the Battle works but thanks for asking…

My sense is:

that you don't want the host to announce a theme, even though it's acceptable to choose songs that bear some relationship to each other;

It’s not my job to worry about. Most hosts use themes. I’ve stated my opinion on ‘themes’ a few times in the past two years. I’m not a big fan. For a start, they often don’t make for a close week. And, yes, personally, I would hope hosts are aiming for close weeks. 

 that you think we should listen to the four songs as much as we can tolerate before voting, preferably all week long, because voting quickly (based on first impressions, for example) is unfair and implies we haven't listened to the songs at all;

Personally, I think voting quickly can be interpreted as a lack of respect to a host and his or her selections. We’re struggling for hosts. And when someone puts their name down to host a week and selects four songs, I think it’s respectful to give their songs a fair hearing for at least a day or so, whether or not you know them, whether or not you like or dislike them. And then give an honest assessment. I mean, this week for example, Lee AKA The Hanging Judge (I love you, Lee) voted so quickly, he didn’t even seem to know the name of the song or which group sang it. How is that respecting the host and their selections? Personally, yes, I usually have the four songs on rotation for at least a couple of days, even if I don’t like them, out of respect for the host. If the host likes them, I figure they must have something going for them. I try to see the beauty. And then I vote. If I don’t like the song or artist, I try to convey it in a humorous way. That's my way of respecting the host. As I say when I host, feel free to take the whole week before making an adjudication.

Note: One of the songs this week was about the sinking of the Titanic. I would've thought that might have inspired some discussion. Other than my own post, so far I don't believe there's been any. 

 that we should participate during the week, but there should be strict limits on how we participate, the nature of those limits to be inferred from your comments; 

I would think a bit of self-regulation, self-censorship or self-restraint should be all that’s hopefully needed to stop someone from posting loads of posts that week. That’s the good thing about the Battle and why I, and I’m sure others, jumped aboard from the start. It’s about giving a voice to the modest here, as well as the usual suspects. It doesn’t matter how many times someone tries to ram their opinion down our throats. At the end of the week, my opinion is worth the same as Lee’s, as David’s, as Verden’s, as Lisa’s, as John B’s, as Al’s, as Cindy’s, as yours, et al – 10 points. I feel the week should be about the person who put their name down weeks ago, waited their turn and then spent some considerable time before choosing songs, got their clips cleared internationally and wrote some prose, all for our entertainment – the host. That was definitely a main motivation as to why Chris (Wow! Great Concert!) got this started in February of 2010. It’s one of the main reasons why I championed it from Week 1 of Season I.

that posting other songs is acceptable, but only if their relationship to the competing songs is the kind of relationship you prefer, or no relationship at all, and not something as shallow as having a particular word in the title;

I’m confused. But, yes, I think the week should be more about the host. 

 that if we post other songs, we are implying that the host should listen to each one of them; 

I doubt they do. What is the point of posting, in your words, a ‘plethora’ of links or clips? If someone is spending all their time doing that, surely they should get out more. Who has the time to watch them all anyway? Yes, personally, I don’t think the aim of the game should be to post limitless clips in a week, but it all comes back to the host. Personally, I don’t like it because I think it takes the focus away from the songs of offer. And, obviously, the host THIS WEEK doesn’t like it, as they made clear on post #18 on page 2 of this week’s battle. Why upset a new host? WITHOUT HOSTS, WE DON’T HAVE A BATTLE. To me, it’s just self-indulgent, but maybe not to others.

 that the host should make sure to begin and end the battle at the prescribed times;  

Of course. A week should go for – a week! As part of the fun of this game is seeing which songs make play-offs, everyone should be working on an even playing field. Otherwise, a host who really wants their songs to qualify for play-offs can abuse the system, trying to get more numbers past the accepted closing time. In an election, polls open and close at certain times. It makes it fair for everyone. Last year, the situation had gotten so slack that one host closed their week after Tuesday afternoon here. Their excuse was that not many people had voted! I replied, if they’d used songs that people enjoyed, people would have already voted! I generally designate a couple of hours on a Monday afternoon/evening here to balance scores with the host and then post some stats after the host has posted the results. If I’m still waiting to do that in the early hours of Tuesday morning here, I just don’t think that’s fair on anyone, including me. Obviously, life happens, but it’s not too hard for a host to announce their week has closed to voting and that they’ll post the results when they get a moment. THIS IS ALL BEING DONE THIS YEAR. It’s working well [smile]

 that the host should submit videos to you early on so they can be tested in different countries; 

It doesn’t have to be me but, yes, I gladly offer that service. It’s all about facilitating a good and fair battle for all. It’s all about encouraging people (especially new people) to host – not making it hard for them. Every week, future hosts are sending me links, which I check here (sometimes, having to find alternatives for those clips that are banned) and then send off to a wonderful team around the globe who reply back promptly EVERY WEEK. Currently, that means the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand. When we had a participants in Germany and Sweden, I’d check the clips with them too. As we know, not all clips work everywhere. If a host was to go ahead and use a clip for a song that not everyone could watch, it would tend to make it a three cornered contest. How could they vote for a song they hadn’t heard? It would catapult the remaining songs into play-offs. That wouldn’t be fair to the other hosts. Occasionally, someone might ask what has been used before; even what songs are retired. 

 that live versions are to be avoided if possible; 

A host can use what they want to use. Personally, I’m not a fan of live clips if they are competing with studio recordings, particularly if there is a studio recording available of the song being played live. If I know there is better audio available, I may suggest it. (I did this in Week 1 of this year when The Egg wanted to use some inferior audio. I was trying to encourage him to submit a really great week to kick off the season but, at the end of the day, it’s the host’s choice what they put up to showcase their choices.)

that the host should check the scores with you before publishing them; 

It doesn’t have to be me. As long as two participants have corresponded and come up with the same totals, and they’re accurate, that’s great. But seeing as I’m checking in every day and keeping scores as we go anyway (a habit from the first two and a half seasons when the board would suddenly be culled and there were no archives), I may as well be the one to compare your scores with. Again, it’s a service I offer. And, trust me, we don’t always balance first up! (Some of you here could attest to that!)

that the four songs should be evenly matched (although if they are evenly matched, only the worst performer will be eligible for the playoffs, and it isn't necessarily obvious how other people will vote);

“only the worst performer….” Larry, clearly that demonstrates to me that you still don’t comprehend the system.

I painstakingly tried to explain this to you back during the play-offs in Season V  - when you started posting ‘alternate play-offs’ AKA the songs you thought should have made it; as if I didn’t have enough to contend with, getting the play-offs organised to time.

DAN, I recall, also tried to explain it to you.

I’ll say this once more…..

If the four songs are evenly matched, ALL four songs can still make play-offs, providing enough people vote (which is a sure indication of a popular week).

If the songs are even matched, the songs that come 3rd and 4th, provided they are popular, should make play-offs. Tin songs that make it are generally the 20% mark. Bronze songs are usually around the 25% mark.

In 2016, songs that received 23% of the vote were still making the Bronze Play-Off.

In 2017, only three songs with 25% didn’t make the Bronze Play-Off. Their weeks didn’t receive as many voters as others.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are the lists from the last two years with the songs that made the Bronze Play-Offs bolded:

Oh, Pretty Woman  56  (25.45)
New Year’s Day  54  (25.71)
Wontcha Come Out Tonight  53  (25.24)
In the Summertime  52.5  (25.00)
Lola  52.5  (25.00)
The End  49.5  (22.50)
Grow Old With Me  48  (25.26)
Suenos  48  (25.26)
Pretty Ballerina  48  (26.67)
Stray Cat Strut  48  (22.86)
Dancing in the Street  47.5  (25.00)
Hey Little Tomboy  47  (24.74)
25 or 6 to 4  45.5  (22.75)
Welcome  45  (25.00)
The Year of the Cat  45  (25.00)
Four Strong Winds  45  (25.00)
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen  44.5  (23.42)
I Remember You  44  (24.44)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond  (Parts I-V)  44  (23.16)
Out of Limits  43.5  (24.17)
Happy  42  (26.25)
Pamela Jean  42  (21.00)
What’d I Say (BB)  41  (19.52)
School Day  40.5  (21.32)
Heartbreak Hotel  40  (19.05)
When a Man Needs a Woman  39.5  (21.94)
Magic  39  (24.37)
Beautiful Night  38  (20.00)
Why Do Fools Fall in Love (BZ)  37.5  (19.74)  
Glad All Over (Rezillos)  36.5  (22.81)
Little Darling (I Need You)  36  (18.00)
Tiny Dancer  36  (18.95)
With a Little Help from My Friends  35.5  (20.88)
Every Morning  35.5  (19.72)
Save the Children  35  (20.59)
Safe and Sound  34.5  (21.56)
Pink Cadillac  34.5  (21.56)
Surfin’ USA (Leif Garrett)  34  (24.29)
The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)  34  (21.25)
Caravan of Love  33  (22.00)
Home by the Sea / Second Home by the Sea  32.5  (19.12)
Counting the Beat  32  (21.33)
The Love Cats  31.5  (21.00)
Dream On  22  (16.92)

Be My Baby  57  (25.91)
Set Me on Fire  54  (27.00)
Trans-Canada Highway  53  (25.24)
The More I Am  52  (23.64)
Get Up Stand Up  52  (24.76)
Just My Imagination  50  (22.73)
Here Comes Summer  50  (23.81)
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore  50  (23.81)
Lemon Tree  48  (21.82)
Sunrise  48  (24.00)
As Long as He Needs Me  48  (24.00)
Sweet Baby James  47  (23.50)
Seven Nation Army  47  (23.50)
You Didn’t Have to Be So Nice  46.5  (23.25)
She’s Goin’ Bald  46  (21.90)
It Ain’t Necessarily So  46  (24.21)
No One’s Girl  45  (22.50)
Heffalumps and Woozles  45  (19.57)
Surf City  45  (23.68)
I am Pegasus  45  (21.43)
Chug-A-Lug  44.5  (24.72)
The Private Life of Bill and Sue  43.5  (21.75)
In the Quiet of Christmas Morning (Bach 147)  43.5  (22.89)
Heaven Help Us All  42.5  (21.25)
The Air That I Breathe  42  (21.00)
September Morn  42  (22.11)
When You Gonna Learn  42  (22.11)
Diamond Head  41.5  (21.84)
Time  41  (21.58)
Honky Tonk Women  39.5  (19.75)
I’m Not Like Everybody Else  39  (22.94)
Rust Belt Fields (live)  38.5  (21.39)
Strange Kind of Woman  38  (20.00)
Achy Breaky Heart  38  (22.35)
Leaving This Town  36.5  (19.21)
Please Let Me Come Back  36  (22.50)
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)  35.5  (20.88)
Soul Searchin’ (Solomon Burke) 35.5  (20.88)
Down on My Knees  35  (19.44)
River of Orchids  34  (18.89)
Watchin’ the Detectives  33  (19.41)
Stressed Out  32.5  (18.06)
Splish Splash  32  (21.33)
Mele Kalikimaka  29.5  (19.67)

If your Bronze is that popular, it may win its play-off. Then your original Gold and Silver songs come back into play.

So far we’ve had three weeks where all the songs from a week made play-offs. t Bedford’s Week 11 from last year was the most recent. He picked four evenly matched songs that everyone loved. No surprise there.

 that the playoffs should be conducted in the manner originally set down, because suggesting otherwise forces you to vigorously defend the existing rules; 

See above. Again, I tried to explain all this back four years ago to you. It drove me barmy.

I’m not looking for kudos, Larry. I enjoy this game as much as anyone. I just try to work in the background, as I said, facilitating a smooth battle each week, every week, every year. I don’t get paid for it. I consider the people who participate here my friends, including – believe it or not – you!

 and that it's acceptable to make snide comments regarding other people's participation. 

See above. Also, PLEASE stop over-analysing what I write. I say what I mean.  

 It makes me feel bad that I've wasted so much of your time and my own on this forum, but it has mostly been fun, so maybe it hasn't been such a waste after all. You, of course, may have the last word if you choose to respond.

Larry, you’re valued here, by me and obviously others. I respect you and I’m sure you mean well. Please stop taking things – like this game – so bloody seriously. Count your blessings. I’m sure you have many. 


Buzz Clique

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Just whirring by to change the mood...

dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & tich - i'm on the up

"Buzz" Clique, if you get my drift....

Lisa G/TS

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Bless your heart, Buzz Clique...and I'll chip in a double dose of Weird Al - one that includes the word of the week, and one that's more George than WhatHisName, so I'm STILL holding that promise:

I prefer comedy to drama...just sayin'.  

Tom Tobben

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A few emotional ups and downs, seemingly, this week:

Verden McCutcheon

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 Season9 Week 31..Down Songs

        1)Shut Down.....Sounds so cool live..My fav of the car songs..

        2)Down Under...Even after hearing it a zillion times I can't help liking this Aussie track form the great 80's   

         3) Down Down...First time I saw these guys was when I got the LIVE AID 85 DVD collection..Never big in Canada but I do like them !!

         4)Down among the Dead men....Never heard this one before...may take a few more listens to appreciate..

                                                             Nice selections !!

paul g adsett

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gold: 'down down'
- despite whatever i said to co-writer bob young 
my remark earlier in the week)
this remains classic pop hit quo
unassumingly, uninellectually pophitty.
and, however much i might be tempted to take the piss,
i'm not ashamed to like it
(and, we had the joy of seeing them, as verden just noted,
open up at midday at the wembley 'live aid' spectacle).

'shut down'

- one of those songs that i never knew what it was on about.
totally alien lyrics.
totally alien scenario.
but i loved it.
not the bbs at their best,
but i still like it.
yes i do...

'down under'  
- i've always thought this was a record i should like.
it's clever.
it's catchy.
but it's annoyed me right from its first hitdomness.

tin: down among the dead men'
more annoying by the end of the week.
piano intro?
1st playing = interesting.
by the 3rd = annoying.
lead vocal?
1st hearing = intriguing.
by the 2nd = annoying.
title delivery?
1st hearing = annoying.
by the 2nd = annoying.  
orchestral arrangement?
1st hearing = jolly interesting.
by end of week = interesting.

ta for an interesting week.
paul g adsett

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and, to finish the week,
let's remember chas hodges who died this weekend.
might not mean a lot to non-brits,
but he and dave peacock  produced a string of unassuming, unintellectual, pophits, 
'invented' a music style which draws on all the best british music traditions
turned into a singalong-musichall-pub-stylee rockney 
and became a crowd pleasing institution that encompasses all generations.
a very fine musical talent,
i first saw chas playing in heads hands and feet with the very great albert lee
way back in 1971/2
(on the same bill, i recall were starry eyed and laughing 
with the wonderful tony poole
just who played the greys brighton with anny celsi and nelson bragg
and i bring back to brighton this week with supergroup bennett wilson poole 
ahem, some tkts still available...).
easy, like with status quo , to take the piss,
but chas and dave are faaab.
here's one with a title appropriate to this week's subject.
not my fave of theirs 
but a jolly look at a great british tradition of day trip to the seaside
(it's not brighton here, 'cos yer actual eastenders would tend to go along
either to southend in essex or down to kent and the town of margate
jolly good stuff.
and it fits as a memorial to a sad loss.
'(down to) margate'
t bedford

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The La's - Doledrum

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Lee Marshall

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That's some wordy speechifying up yonder.  WAY TOO involved for me to even begin to delve into.  So here's a little levity before this week's duckling 'down' topic changes over to an avalanche of 'horse feathers'....

Get 'down' wid yer own bad self.
Lee Marshall

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Originally Posted by Tom Tobben
A few emotional ups and downs, seemingly, this week:

This week's runaway GOLD WINNER...if it had been in the running that is.  Thanks Tom.
Al Forsyth

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Hoping that it isn't rainy, but Monday is on the way:

Larry or Tom may have posted this already ^

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
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