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Popeye (not the sailor)

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My top 5 votes:

1. Country Air - Beach Boys

2. You Still Believe in Me - Beach Boys

3. Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) - Beach Boys

4. California Saga / California - Beach Boys

5. The Warmth of The Sun - Brian Wilson
Tom Tobben

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Preliminary Final votes:

#1. "Rhapsody in Blue", George Gershwin. Regardless of whether this instrumental gem is considered to be jazz, classical, or pop, it's still a timeless masterpiece after more than 90 years. And it's also been highly influential to numerous other musicians, including a young Brian Wilson. I've heard other versions that are longer or sound better than this particular version, but it still gets my top vote this week, just as it did when I first introduced a version of this song to a weekly battle in the first year of the BOTBs, if I remember correctly.  

2. "Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)", Beach Boys. Perhaps Brian's most sublime and tender love song. A key thematic and musical component of the memorable Pet Sounds song cycle.

3. "Pet Sounds (live), Beach Boys. A powerful up-tempo instrumental on the original Pet Sounds album. And, in concert, a dynamic, extended live piece showcasing Brian's mastery of instrumental arrangements and the stellar talent within his band, from Nick Walusko's distinctive guitar stylings to Paul Mertens' powerfully nuanced sax solos to Jim Hines' and Scott Bennett's dynamic doubled percussion solos, as well as the rest of the band.

4. "The Warmth of the Sun", Brian Wilson. This lovely version from the I Just Wasn't Made for These Times documentary soundtrack, some 30 years after the original Beach Boys version, is lovely and reflects Brian's more mature and soulful vocal interpretation, accompanied by lovely understated female background vocals. That said, this lovely version still doesn't quite match up to the original Beach Boys version.

5. "You Still Believe in Me", Beach Boys. Another lovely and tender Pet Sounds love ballad. Brian at the top of his skills on this album, with three of my top five in this preliminary final round coming from Pet Sounds (and they are not even the very best songs from that landmark album).  


6. "Help Me, Rhonda", Beach Boys. A Beach Boys classic, but one that I've heard way too many times, and not as emotionally or musically impactful or sublime as the songs I've ranked above it.

7. "Help!", Beatles. A classic Beatles hit and title song from the movie soundtrack. Though not obvious initially, Lennon's lyrics show a growing maturity in his lyrical prowess from those "early Beatles" hits from the prior year(s). Still, not among the very best of the many excellent and innovative songs by the Beatles, before or after this song.

8. "Be My Baby", Ronettes. A classic from this vocal group and from Phil Spector's iconic "wall of sound" style. Like some other songs here, I've heard this one way too many times over the years and it's lost some of its luster for me.

9. "California Saga: California", Beach Boys. A catchy tune and part of the impactful "California Saga" trilogy from Holland, though perhaps my least favorite song in the trilogy.

10. "Country Air", Beach Boys. A lovely, non-typical Beach Boys song from their excellent made-at-home Wild Honey album. That said, this distinctive ditty can't compare to the unforgettable Beach Boys classics that represent four of my top five songs in this next-to-final playoff round for the 2016 year.

Will be interesting to see which of this week's best songs advance to the final playoff round for this past season!
Verden McCutcheon

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 Season 7 week 4 preliminary finals playoffs

                                   1)You still believe in me.......Perfection from Pet Sounds

                                   2)Don't talk (Put your head on my shoulder)....More perfection

                                   3)Help me Rhonda....Still haven't tired of this one.Love the way it bounces along like a beach ball in the crowd.Plus Al 's number one.

                                   4)Be my baby.......Another oldie I still like

                                   5)California Saga...One of the best songs of the 70's from the Beach Boys

                                   6)Warmth of the sun...Original version would have been 4th place

                                                                                          My prelim finals

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1: Help!
2: Help Me, Rhonda
3: Be My Baby
4: You Still Believe in Me
5: The Warmth of the Sun

6: California Saga: California
7: Rhapsody in Blue

8: Country Air
9: Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)

10. Pet Sounds (live)

Lisa G/TS

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My preliminary picks:

1 - You Still Believe in Me, BBs -- Brilliant!
2 - Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder), BBs -- The strings overdub heard on its own (on the box set) remains astounding.
3 - Help Me Rhonda, BBs -- Some of you older - or should I say first generation - fans might be a little tired of it, but it still gets my  feet tappin' and butt wigglin' every time. Much rather hear it than Fun x 3 live.
4 - Pet Sounds (live), BW band -- Tough to beat the original, but this band of some renown managed to reinvent it, tossing in lots of early Bond sass and swagger musically. 
5 - Rhapsody In Blue, G. Gershwin -- In some ways, it does deserve first place. Another apples and oranges comparison, so I'll place it in the middle. 
6 - Help!, The Beatles
7 - Cali Saga, BBs
8 - Country Air, BBs
9 - The Warmth Of The Sun, BW -- Not quite as exquisite as the original, but not bad.
10 - Be My Baby, Ronettes -- pretty full and tough competition when this lands on the bottom.

Dunno if this is the place (AND dunno how long the video link will work B4 it's pulled), but RIP John Hurt. Best known for "Alien", "The Elephant Man"...and as the impresario shown a few times throughout Macca's 1982 video for "Take It Away":

Gotta say I love this recent comment on it :
 John Hurt should have an alien bursting from his chest like in the first Alien, with him screaming the song's chorus.

BTW, Lee, which hurts worse - saying "older" or "first generation"?  [biggrin]

Lee Marshall

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Originally Posted by Lisa G/TS
My preliminary picks:

3 - Help Me Rhonda, BBs -- Some of you older - or should I say first generation - fans might be a little tired of it,

Hey now!!!  I resemble that remark. [wink]
t bedford

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Originally Posted by Lisa G/TS
My preliminary picks:

3 - Help Me Rhonda, BBs -- Some of you older - or should I say first generation - fans might be a little tired of it,

Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!!

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
David W

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My votes:
2)Be My Baby
3)Country Air
4)Help Me, Rhonda
5)Pet Sounds (live)
6)The Warmth of the Sun
7)You Still Believe in Me
8)California Saga: California
9)Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)
10)Rhapsody in Blue
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks very much to Pete, Popeye, Tom, Verden, Graciegirl, Lisa and David for the latest votes and comments. 

Popeye, that's the first 1st placing for 'Country Air'. 

Tom, this is the exact same version of 'Rhapsody in Blue' that you used in Season I. Same clip. It came 9th in the Season I Gold Play-Off, after coming 3rd in that season's Preliminary. 

Interesting votes. 

The song that is currently in 3rd position has not received a single 1st vote. 

The song that is currently 4th has received four 1st votes!

The polls will close within 18 hours when all will be revealed. 

The Top 3 from this week will then progress to the Gold Play-Off. 
Cantina Margarita

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Hi everybody,


quickly my ballot for the prelim final.


1. Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)

2. Pet Sounds (live)

3. The Warmth of the Sun

4. You Still Believe in Me

5. Rhapsody in Blue

6. Help Me, Rhonda

7. Be My Baby

8. Help!

9. Country Air

10. California Saga: California

There's quite a gap between 5 and 6, and quite a universe between 8 and 9.


bonnie bella

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1.  TBB (Don't Talk).  Especially when this is playing.

2.  TBB (You Still Believe In Me).  Between these two from that terrific green and gold album, it was closer than a mouse's whisker.

3.  TBB (Country Air).  Love this album too.  Most days of the week Wild Honey would be in my top three BB albums.

4.  The Beatles.  How could I rate them any lower?  (But I thought the movie was s.t.u.p.i.d.)

5.  Brian.  This is still a captivating version of a very beautiful song. 

6.  The BW Band.  Pretty.  This is also my favourite clip in this set.  Shows the amount of work it takes to create this kind of sound.

7.  The Ronettes.  Best very loud.

8.  TBB (Help Me, Rhonda).  Also best very loud.  Until I heard this live, I didn't appreciate it as much.

9.  TBB (California Saga).  Has that slight "tired horse after long journey" sound.

10. Gershwin.  I'm just not sophisticated enough to "get" this.  


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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1. The Warmth of the Sun - OMG
2. Pet Sounds (live) – Yes
3. Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) - Warmer
4. You Still Believe in Me - Warm
5. Rhapsody in Blue – Eclectic, engrossing.
6. Help! - Exactly
7. Be My Baby – Top Notch
8. Help Me, Rhonda - Please
9. California Saga: California – Quite Worthy
10. Country Air - Decent
Any one of these is a winner. Dang good taste in this corner of the board.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”


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Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)        10 pts
You Still Believe in Me        9
The Warmth of the Sun        8
(Probably #1 if it was the original - would be a tough decision - but this is still good.)

Be My Baby        7
Help Me, Rhonda        6
Help!        5
Pet Sounds        4
Country Air        3
Rhapsody in Blue        2
California Saga: California        1

Darren J. Ray

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Thanks very much to Cantina, bonnie, Deb and DAN for the final votes. 

Here come the results....
Lee Marshall

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... ... ... tapping fingers on table ... ... ...
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