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Verden McCutcheon

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          Season 10 Week 4 playoffs-the prelims...

                 1)A Day in the Life

                 2)California Girls

                 3)Strawberry Fields Forever

                 4)Do it Again

                 5)All Summer Long

                 6)Manic Monday

                 7)Lets hang On

                 8)Time to get Alone

                 9)Solar System

                10)Your So Good To Me

                                      Some of these are monsters in the pop world and others you wonder how they ever got this far !!!


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  1. A Day in the Life
  2. Strawberry Fields Forever
  3. Solar System
  4. California Girls
  5. Do It Again
  6. You’re So Good to Me
  7. All Summer Long
  8. Time to Get Alone
  9. Let’s Hang On!
  10. Manic Monday

What a field-day for the heat 
A thousand people in the street 
Singing songs and carrying signs 
Mostly say, hooray for our side 
It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound 
Everybody look what's going down”
— FWIW, Buffalo Springfield 
David W

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Crikey could easily give my top three equal votes but it complicates matters .....sooooo

1.  A Day in the Life (The Beatles - 1967)

2. California Girls (The Beach Boys - 1965) 

3. Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles - 1967) 

4. Do It Again (stereo mix) (The Beach Boys - 1968/2013) 

5.  Let’s Hang On! (The Four Seasons - 1965) 

6.  All Summer Long (The Beach Boys - 1964) .

7. You’re So Good to Me (The Beach Boys - 1965) 

8 Manic Monday (The Bangles - 1986)

9 Time to Get Alone (The Beach Boys - 1967-68/2013 mix) 
10. Solar System (The Beach Boys - 1977)  


Darren J. Ray

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Al and John B, any changes to your votes are allowable.

Just please let me and DAN know if you wish to make it official by editing your original votes and letting us know you've done it in a further post.

Less than a day to go.   
Cantina Margarita

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Hi all,

in this late phase of our BOTB seasons, rating the songs gets increasingly difficult.

4 songs a week, usually, are easy to take. There‘s probably one song you know and love, one you know but don‘t like at all, and two you think you never heard before. One of the latter two, you‘ll find out you‘ve heard a long time ago. Or one which is just good and comes as a new discovery for you. In many cases, you end up thanking the host for bringing something back to you, or for giving you something new. Every week comes as a surprise, and you rarely need to think about „what exactly makes a song good for me“ or „what‘s actually stinking about it“.

This phase is different. Given you‘ve followed the Battle throughout the season, there‘s no more surprise, with nothing spontanous left. You need to sort the 10 songs into categories before rating. And these categories need criteria. And this is the point when you need to identify your preferences in music:

- Do I like music because it‘s catchy, sad, romantic, dramatic, or appealing to my feelings otherwise ?

- Am I fascinated by a song because I‘m a bit of a (wannabe) music critic, scientist, creator, producer, or historian ?

After all, this is about popular music. So the first one tends to be more important. But it seems opinions are divided over these two points above. There are songs that clearly feed both, such as „California Girls“. But a polarizer like „Strawberry Fields“ seems to leave the first one behind.

So here‘s my order (rank 1 to 10). Feel free to classify me as you like.


01. Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles - 1967)

"They got there first", in Brian's words. Nothing to add for me.

02. California Girls (The Beach Boys - 1965)

Feeds everybody who's ready to listen carefully, for whatever reason. Beach Boys in a nutshell. I'm a bit suprised to find it on this spot after 10 battle years, but I trust in the referee.

03. A Day in the Life (The Beatles - 1967)

I forgot to mention „scary“ above. Therefore, pioneer for all Floyds, crimson kings, Hammills and Genesisses that followed.
A question from a non-anglo speaker: why "A Day in THE Life" ? I learned "a day in life", but "a day in the life of a tree".

04. All Summer Long (The Beach Boys - 1964)
Great uplifting song. 10 years ago, you had to listen to it (in Brian‘s solo live version) first thing every visit of this site. I liked that a lot. You knew immediately what kind of place this is.

05. Manic Monday (The Bangles - 1986)

Who doesn't like these girls ?

06. Let’s Hang On! (The Four Seasons - 1965)

This song is probably much better than "Manic Monday". But production is just to lousy, even in a 1965 setting.

07. Do It Again (stereo mix) (The Beach Boys - 1968/2013)

Eating shoes, is that dangerous ?

08. Time to Get Alone (The Beach Boys - 1967-68/2013 mix)

Production is too good for putting it lower.

09. Solar System (The Beach Boys - 1977)

In my week, I picked it desperately, because I couldn‘t find anything else, BW or BB related, produced on primitive Yoshimi synths. Meanwhile, I think this could have been Brian‘s great song for appearing in the Muppets Show (… featuring Kermit‘s multicoloured space piggies ?).

10. You’re So Good to Me (The Beach Boys - 1965)
Nice effort, but not more. Not yet.

That's it.


Al Forsyth

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Darren and DAN - yes, I did make some voting changes and they are marked in RED.
A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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Thank you very much to the voters thus far - Cindy, Larry, John B, Al, stkilda4ever, Verden, Deb, David and Cantina. 

Cindy, thank you. The bushfires here continue. I'm one of the lucky ones. All I'm dealing with at the moment is the summer heat. 

Al, thanks for all those clips.

I picked up that 'Strawberry Fields' genesis when I watched the Maysles brothers film of their first visit to the US. It's freaky hearing stuff like this so out of place; like hearing an interview with them just prior to their Australian tour in June '64 and Paul singing the chorus to an unfinished song by Ringo called 'Don't Pass Me By'. Another unbelievable get is the recording of the Quarrymen performing on the day they met McCartney. It beggars belief that someone even recorded it and the recording lasted. 

Yeah, I can't believe Lennon didn't take up the changes to ADITL that the RAH CE recommended!

I enjoyed reading those reviews of Love You, too.  

John B, I love your passion and interpretation of this polarising album. 

Verden, LOL. I guess one man's trash is another man's treasure. 

Wow, Deb. Some interesting votes there. 

David, I concur. 

Cantina, love it. For someone whose native tongue is not English, you certainly have a way with words and make your points in a thoroughly interesting way. Every week. 

And I'll list the Battle history for 'California Girls' in my summary tomorrow. 

Ok, we're into the home stretch. About 12 hours to go. 

And then it's the big one. 

paul g adsett

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from a cheap ibis,
somewhere near gloucester crematorium...
here are my votes.
i'd love to give several 10 points each,
but that's just not cricket, is it...

1Strawberry Fields Forever
2) Time to get Alone
3) A Day in the Life
4) Do it Again
5) All Summer Long
6) California Girls
7) Solar System
8) You're So Good To Me
9) Lets Hang On
10) Manic Monday

Tom Tobben

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"The toppermost of the poppermost", almost! Lots of fine songs here in the penultimate battle of this past year's best weekly BOTB songs. Without further ado:

#1. A Day in the Life (The Beatles - 1967) -- Proof positive that Lennon/McCartney together were greater than the sum of their individual parts. One of the Beatles' most powerful and innovative songs, and perhaps THE major highlight of the landmark Sgt. Pepper album. Were this simply Lennon's tripped-out part of this song, or McCartney's more down-to-earth pop ditty, the song would not have packed nearly the impact that it did. With their two parts woven together and juxtaposed so brilliantly, the song became a masterpiece of originality and brilliantly depicted the notion of getting "turned on". The effect of the song was cleverly heightened by the extended, escalating piano/string segment and long fading piano chord at the end of the song. One of my all-time favorite Beatles songs and one of the most innovative by any artist.

2.  Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles - 1967) -- See my comments about this song from last week. Another brilliant and innovative Beatles classic! 

3. Let’s Hang On! (The Four Seasons - 1965) Just one of numerous Four Seasons classics and a big chart hit in the U.S. I became a big fan of the Four Seasons with their first chart hit "Sherry" (and a #1 chart hit at that) in 1962 and have continued to be a big fan of their music over the years. As a group, they had more #1 Billboard Top 40 chart hits in the US (5) than the Beach Boys (3), and lead singer Frankie Valli also had 2 more #1 hits as a solo artist. And the two groups tied with 15 Top 10 hits in the U.S. In addition, Frankie Valli had 4 more solo Top 10 hits of his own. "Four Seasons, you'd better believe it"! Fortunately, for Frankie and the Four Seasons, a number of the Beach Boys' very best songs have been retired from our annual BOTB competitions in past years. 

4. Time to Get Alone (The Beach Boys - 1967-68/2013 mix) -- Such a lovely and whimsical love song from Brian after he stepped back from the intensity and complexity of the Pet Sounds and SMiLE projects. For me, this song in waltz form is one of the real highlights of the 20/20 album, and among my favorite songs written entirely by Brian Wilson. And Carl was the song's producer!  

5. California Girls (The Beach Boys - 1965) A Beach Boys classic, one of their biggest hits, and I particularly like the distinctive "highbrow" instrumental introduction. The only drawbacks for me, perhaps, are that I've heard the song so many times that it's lost a bit of its original luster for me, and it makes me think of Mike's "formula" music and his focus on cute young girls in skimpy swimsuits. The older he became and continued to focus on scantily clad younger women in his version of the latter day Beach Boys, the creepier he seemed. 

6. Do It Again (stereo mix) (The Beach Boys - 1968/2013) -- Another Mike-influenced "formula" song that played on nostalgia for earlier Beach Boys' hits, this song certainly was catchy enough to garner another Top 40 hit for the Beach Boys in late 1968, also from the underrated, eclectic 20/20 album.  

7. All Summer Long (The Beach Boys - 1964) -- A fun summertime song, made even more popular nearly a decade later when it was played with the end credits of the superb, nostalgic "lost innocence" film American Graffiti
8. You’re So Good to Me (The Beach Boys - 1965) -- A delightful song from Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!) and the flip side to the "Sloop John B" single, that over time has earned an honored place in the Beach Boys' extensive catalogue. 

9. Manic Monday (The Bangles - 1986) One of a number of fine hit songs by the Bangles, and one of number of Prince-penned songs that became hits by others. 

10. Solar System (The Beach Boys - 1977) I'm one of those people who has never been a big fan of the Love You album which, in my opinion consisted largely of unrefined demos songs of Brian. With that said, I really appreciated the extended commentaries by John B. and Al, and the related article links, that they provided during this week's battle.  

Another excellent playoff battle as we head for the Year 10 finish line in this next week's battle of the very best. That's all from me for now. Adieu!


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Time to Get Alone    10 pts  Making a late run...
A Day in the Life    9
California Girls    8
Strawberry Fields Forever    7
You’re So Good to Me    6
All Summer Long    5
Do It Again    4
Let’s Hang On!    3
Manic Monday    2
Solar System    1

Darren J. Ray

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Thanks very much to the final voters - Paul, Tom and DAN. 

Paul, thank you for making a decision. 

Tom, another great, well-thought-out read. 

DAN, well, that's done it [wink]

The polling booth is well and truly closed. 

John B, DAN and I have put through your voting change. 

Results to follow shortly...
Darren J. Ray

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Results from Week 4 of the Play-Offs (the Preliminary Final)...

Hi everyone.

Here are the results from Week 4 of the Play-Offs (the Preliminary Final):- 

1. A Day in the Life (The Beatles - 1967) (four 1st places) - 106.5

2. California Girls (The Beach Boys - 1965) (two 1st places) - 105.5

3. Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles - 1967) (four 1st places) - 103

4. Do It Again (stereo mix) (The Beach Boys - 1968/2013) (nil 1st places) - 76

5. All Summer Long (The Beach Boys - 1964) (one 1st place) - 73

6. Time to Get Alone (The Beach Boys - 1967-68/2013 mix) (one 1st place) - 64

7. You’re So Good to Me (The Beach Boys - 1965) (nil 1st places) - 56

8. Let’s Hang On! (The Four Seasons - 1965) (nil 1st places) - 55

9. Solar System (The Beach Boys - 1977) (one 1st place) - 38

10. Manic Monday (The Bangles - 1986) (nil 1st places) - 38

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

We had 13 voters for the week.

Special thanks again to D.A.N for scrutinising the votes for me.

‘A Day in the Life’, ‘California Girls’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ now progress to the Gold Play-Off.

Congratulations to yours truly who selected ‘A Day in the Life’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ in my Week 28.

Congratulations also to stkilda4ever who selected California Girls’ in his Week 9.

In theory, this week’s Top 3 may just be the top three songs of the year. We’ll know by this time next week. 

The contest between ‘A Day in the Life’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ has remained close but consistent.

In Week 28, ‘A Day in the Life’ won 54 points to 52.

This week, it won 106.5 to 103.

But did the voters’ preferences remain consistent 21 weeks apart?

Indeed. All 13 voters common to both weeks – Cindy Hood, Larry Franz, John B, Al Forsyth, yours truly, stkilda4ever, Verden McCutcheon, Deb#1, David W, Cantina Margarita, paul g adsett, Tom Tobben and D.A.N – voted the same.

Those who prefer ‘A Day in the Life’ are Cindy, Larry, stkilda, Verden, Deb, David, Tom and DAN.

Those who prefer ‘Strawberry Fields…’ are John B, Al, yours truly, Cantina and paul.

Eight to five.

The Battle paths for both sides of that February 1967 double A-side for the Beatles are very similar.

‘Penny Lane’ won the Silver (lost by two points) in Week 1 of Season IV (Al Forsyth). It won its Silver Play-Off (by 59 points). It then won the Preliminary Final (by 10 points). It finished 2nd in the Gold Play-Off (losing by 4.5 points to ‘Surfer Girl’).

‘Strawberry Fields…’ won the Silver (lost by two points) in Week 28 of Season X. It then won its Silver Play-Off (by 19 points). It’s now come 3rd in the Preliminary Final. What awaits it?

The Beatles have now won 10 play-offs. (For the list, see last week’s summary.)

The Beach Boys have won 20 play-offs to date.

After The Beatles, the next best is two wins each by George Harrison and The Supremes.

On one win each are The Turtles, The Chambers Brothers, The Tremeloes, The Mamas & the Papas, Nat King Cole, Buddy Holly, The Four Seasons, “Mama” Cass Elliot, The Ronettes, Del Shannon, Roy Orbison, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Nilsson, The Rolling Stones and The Bangles.

Week 28 now becomes the first week ever to spawn three play-off winners. They are ‘A Day in the Life’ (Preliminary Final winner), ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ (Silver Play-Off winner) and ‘I Am the Walrus’ (Tin Play-Off winner).

(Jo McGuire currently holds the record for the most play-off wins in a season – four. They were from two separate weeks in Season V.)

Five of the week’s recordings had been used before in the Battle.

This is their Battle history…

California Girls:

- a Gold in Week 26 of Season III, 1st in Preliminary Final, 3rd (Season Bronze) in Gold Play-Off (Kevin Witts),
- a Gold in Week 1 of Season VIII (Cindy Hood),
- a Gold in Week 9 of Season X, 2nd in Preliminary Final * (stkilda4ever)

* still in contention

In the Ultimate Battle, conducted after five seasons of the Battle wherein the three annual medal winners took part, 'California Girls' came a respectable 4th. All other songs in the first nine place getters have won a season now, although it should be noted that the version of 'Surf's Up' that came 6th in the Ultimate Battle was from Surf's Up and not the Season VII winner from The Smile Sessions.

‘All Summer Long’ (The Beach Boys):

- a Gold in Week 24 of Season V, 4th in Preliminary Final (Cindy Hood),
- a Gold in Week 21 of Season IX, 5th in Preliminary Final (Al Forsyth),
- a Gold in Week 25 of Season X, 5th in Preliminary Final (Cindy Hood)

‘Solar System’ (The Beach Boys):

- a Tin in Week 35 of Season I, 7th in Tin Play-Off (Paul Adsett),
- a Gold in Week 8 of Season X, 9th in Preliminary Final (Cantina Margarita)

Various versions of ‘Time to Get Alone’ have been used. They are…

Video no longer available but probably the 20/20 version:
- a Gold in Week 28 of Season I, 6th in Gold Play-Off (Roy Roger Bridge)

The Hawthorne, CA version:
- a Gold in Week 34 of Season II, 4th in Preliminary Final (Tom Tobben)

The Redwood version:
- a Tin in Week 41 of Season VII (Tom Tobben)

A 2013 mix of Summer Love Songs and Hawthorne versions:
- a Gold in Week 1 of Season X, 6th in Preliminary Final (Cindy Hood)

Two versions of ‘Do It Again’ (The Beach Boys) have been used. They are…

1968 single:
- a Silver in Week 9 of Season I (Pete Simpson)

2013 stereo mix:
- a Gold in Week 21 of Season VIII (Al Forsyth),
- a Gold in Week 38 of Season X, 4th in Preliminary Final (Deb #1)

The rankings for the three competing songs from Week 31 – ‘You’re So Good to Me’, ‘Let’s Hang On’ and Bronze Play-Off winner ‘Manic Monday’ – remained in the same order.

Over the past 10 years, the first place winners of the Preliminary Final, and their eventual placings, have been:

Season I - ‘Kiss Me Baby’ (The Beach Boys) (Wow! Great Concert!) (finished 5th in Gold Play-Off)
Season II - ‘What is Life’ (George Harrison) (Cynthia D. Hood) (finished 6th in Gold Play-Off)
Season III - ‘California Girls’ (The Beach Boys) (Kevin Witts) (finished 3rd in Gold Play-Off)
Season IV - ‘Penny Lane’ (The Beatles) (Al Forsyth) (finished 2nd in Gold Play-Off)
Season V - ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ (The Beach Boys) (Jo McGuire) (finished 2nd in Gold Play-Off)
Season VI - ‘Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder’ (The Beach Boys) (Deb#1) (finished 2nd in Gold Play-Off)
Season VII - ‘You Still Believe in Me’ (The Beach Boys) (Larry Franz) (finished 3rd in Gold Play-Off)
Season VIII - ‘Help’ (The Beatles) (Deb#1) (finished 6th in Gold Play-Off)
Season IX - ‘Heroes and Villains’ (The Beach Boys) (Cindy Hood) (finished 2nd in Gold Play-Off)
Season X - ‘A Day in the Life’ (The Beatles) (Darren J. Ray) ?

Dissecting the numbers….

The three leaders led for most of the week.

‘California Girls’ held the lead until the last two voters.

Eleven of the 13 voters had ‘A Day in the Life’ in their Top 3. The dissenting votes were a 6th (from Cindy) and a 10th (from John B).

Nine of the 13 voters had ‘California Girls’ in their Top 3. Its lowest ranking was a 6th (from paul).

Ten of the 13 voters had ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ in their Top 3. Its lowest ranking was a 9th (from John B).

Only four songs received a 10th place from voters.

The most 10th places went to ‘Solar System’ with six. ‘Manic Monday’ had three, ‘You’re So Good to Me’ had two and ‘A Day in the Life’ had the one. (Larry only voted for a Top 3, so he did not have an outright 10th.)

‘Manic Monday’ was the only song without a Top 3 finish. Its highest ranking was a 5th (from Cantina).

Just three songs received at least one 1st place and at least one 10th place: ‘A Day in the Life’ (four and one), ‘You’re So Good to Me’ (one and two) and ‘Solar System’ (one and six). 

‘Solar System’ received a 1st (from John B), a 3rd (from Deb), and everyone else had it in their bottom four.

Okay, here comes this year’s Gold Play-Off!

This week is now closed. 


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